President General's Message

Catherine "Kitty" Humphrey, President General
National Society Daughters of the Union 1861-1865

Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope that you find answers to the questions you have about the National Society Daughters of the Union 1861-1865 and that you will have the opportunity to join a chapter or start your own chapter in your area.

Let me introduce myself to you.  I am Catherine “Kitty” Humphrey, I have been a member of the Society since May, 2010.  I started genealogy when I was about 16 years of age.  I loved to listen to my mother tell her stories to me about all of our ancestors and their courage and sacrifices they made for the freedom of our country.  It not only gave me pride in myself for being a part of these courageous men but little did I know it would impact my life in later years to serve my country as a United States Marine and also as a United States soldier. I have been a Marine, Soldier, sister, wife and Mother of 2 children serving in the US Marines and the United States Army.  With that, I have given over 34 years of my life to the military and am still serving through my children.   

The National Society Daughters of the Union 1861-1865 is not only a society that is associated with the Civil War.  It is a collaboration of women sharing the same interests in their family heritage, education and scholarships, and the restoration and preservation of monuments, battlefields and other items of historical import.

 As President General, I have chosen three projects which are very important to me:

  1. Abraham Lincoln's Life size Bronze statue at Abraham Lincoln's National Cemetery in Elwood, Illinois.
  2. Wreaths across America 2017.
  3. The journey through Hallowed Ground Partnership; a bold tree planting project to honor those who gave their lives to the Civil War – a Living Legacy.

  This year will mark our 105th Annual Congress, with the theme of “The 26th Star” in Novi, Michigan'  It will be hosted by The Hannibal Farrell Chapter May 19-20, 2017. We will be touring Michigan Firehouse Museum on Saturday and World Class Henry Ford Museum.  It would be wonderful if you could come and take part in our Congress.

Please look through our web site and become familiar with our society.  We would love for you to join us and for you to share stories about your Union patriots(s).

In closing, I would like to tell each of you how honored I have felt for the opportunity to serve as your National President General. I want to thank the National Board that is there to help in any way they can to make the society run smoothly.  A lot of experience sits at the table when these ladies come together.   

Keep researching and continue to look for your Civil War ancestors to honor and bring their stories to light.

In the spirit of the National Society Daughters of the Union 1861-1865 motto, “Let us have peace”.

Warm Regards,

Catherine "Kitty" Humphrey,

President General 

Nation Society Daughters of the Union 1861-1865